SAP Portal iView ve Role ekleme adımları örneği (SAP Portal append iView and Role steps example)

SAP ürünlerinden olan SAP Portal içerisinde Role ve iView oluşturma adımları örneği aşağıdaki gibidir.> Content Administration-> Portal Content Management-> Portal Content-> Portal Content->

1- YazilimcityNet (as new folder)->
2- Portal Projects (as new folder)->
3- Brands (as new folder)->

3.1- Brands_IViews (as new folder)->
3.1.1- Brands_IViews-> New-> iView-> iView from Template-> URL iView-> Next->

Name :Brand(will be display on SAP Portal sub menu bar)
iView ID :Brand
iView ID Prefix (Example: com.companyname) :net.yazilimcity.sapinternalportal
Master Language :English
Description :YazilimcityNet Brand iView-> Next->

Enter URL :/InternalPortal/directorate-index.xhtml-> Next-> Finish

For iView Test:
3.1.2- Brands_IViews-> Brand-> Preview

3.2- Brands_Roles (as new folder)->
3.2.1- Brands_Roles-> New-> Role-> Freestyle Role->

Object Name :Brands
Object ID (To create an ID automatically, leave this field blank) :Brands(will be display on SAP Portal top menu bar)
Role ID Prefix (Example: com.companyname):net.yazilimcity.sapinternalportal
Master Language :English
Description :YazilimcityNet Brand Role-> Finish

3.2.2- Brands_Roles-> Brands-> Open-> Role->
3.2.3- Brands_IViews-> Brand-> Add iView to Role-> Delta Link.

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